Hey guys, Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has big plans for this weekend and if not, then that’s alright no need to go out to have some fun. Today I want to talk about my Colourpop lipstick collection and a couple of eyebrow products as well.

I discovered Colourpop through social media, everyone was raving about their products because they were affordable $6 USD and high quality. I decided to take the plunge back in December and purchased some lip products and some of their eyeshadow collections. For my birthday I was asked what I would like and for me it was a no brainer, I chose some more Colourpop lip products (as if I need more). I am excited to share these products with you because I know you guys will fall in love like I did. I do have to say that my collection is very neutral and some lipsticks have tones of brown, purple, terracotta, and pinky nude. I am slowly getting comfortable with more vibrant shades and will hopefully rock them some day (just not today).

Colourpop recently came out with their new Ultra Satin formula for their liquid lipsticks. This formula will not stay on the lips like their Ultra Matte formula but it is very comfortable, leaves the lips looking healthy with a satin finish.  I only have three shades which include: Frick N’ Frack, Panda, and London Fog.

swatches satin

  • Frick N’ Frack is a neutral, rosy terracotta. It has enough pink in to not look so brown, it is a my lips but better shade.
  • Panda is a deep pink violet. This shade is a little bolder than what I am used to, I decided to get it because I think it would look good for the coming seasons. I also noticed that it’s patchier when applying it…it might be because of the shade.
  • London Fog is a blue toned red with some hints of hot pink. Another shade that is a little bold but it would look good in the spring and summer.


The rest of the shades are in Colourpop’s Ultra Matte formula. This is the formula that made me fall in love with their products. The part I love most is that the product will NOT leave your lips, it is very long wearing and even after you wipe it off, it will leave a stain. One down side to this formula is that some of the shades will flake off after a while, I don’t know if it’s because I lick my lips very often or the formula is just too drying. With that being said, I recommend adding a hydrating lip balm before applying the lipstick.swatches matte

  • Creeper is your classic blue red. This shade looks beautiful during the holidays and has the perfect amount of blue to make your teeth look whiter and brighter.
  • Avenue is a deep red with some yellow undertones. This shade reminds me of a deep brick red tone. This is probably my most used shade.
  • More Better is a dark pink violet. I absolutely love this shade it has some fuschia undertones that I just love.
  • Tulle is a dusty mauve with a burgundy undertone. This shade will definitely look different on all skin tones, some it may look darker, more brown or more redish.
  • Bumble I just love to look at because it is a warm terracotta with some orange and coral undertones. I haven’t worn this shade but it looks lovely on the swatch.
  • Beeper is a warm mid-tone taupe. I feel like this shade looks more dark on me than all the other shades. It almost looks more ashy brown on my lips than in the tube.

Lastly I have Kathleen Lights collaboration with Colourpop, I absolutely love her and you should too…just search “Kathleen Lights” on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe to her channel. She is a beautiful, humble, and simple girl, she’s true to herself and is truly amazing, OK! back to her collection. I don’t have every lip product she has come out with (its only like 3-4 shades) but I do have Lumiere.lumiere

  • Lumiere is said to be a pinky, nude what will look really well on every skintone. she has the lip pencil, and the lippie stix (a lipstick with different packaging). I love this shade, it looks very natural and it’s a shade you can just quickly put on on your way out.
  • Lumiere 2 is Lumiere’s sister. Lumiere 2 is in the Ultra Matte formula. Lumiere 2 will look deeper on the lips because it is a matte shade. She said that it was very difficult to match the shade and the formula also plays a part into the shade matching process. I don’t know how I feel about Lumiere 2 because on my lips it gives a more cool toned violet. I will have to get used to this shade because I want to love it so bad.

I hope you guys enjoyed and let me know what was your favorite shade and if you have purchased from Colourpop what has been your favorite product? “Till next time.