Why guys! Hope you are having a wonderful week…I am catching up on some MUCH needed cleaning since Andrew was home for 5 days during the holiday weekend. The house is a mess and I truly have no energy or desire to do anything. Laundry is just piling up and whatever is clean is still in the hamper(s) waiting to be folded…HEY! at least I loaded the dishwasher. Not to mention, I lost the only memory card i have for the camera (just great) and my new semester started July 1st with Psychology class being the first subject which is already putting me through the ringer with notes, vocab, worksheets, and reading (UGH!)

Enough complaining, lets talk about why you are truly here for…and that’s makeup. I have mentioned in other blog posts that skin is doing its own thing and its getting really annoying. My chin area is supper dry, my nose is so oily, and my under-eye area is all texury and bumpy almost like goosebumps or chicken skin (horrible right?) I know!

For a while I was using the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation and it was working amazingly until…I noticed it was looking flaky and it completely disappeared around my nose area. I was LOVING the foundation,  sure its pricey for drugstore but I was willing to purchase it again…now, not so much.


I decided to look into my foundation drawer and experiment with other foundations, wearing them specifically in problem areas, mixing them, setting them, and even applying them differently. I hated the way some foundations wore alone and when mixed, then I found the perfect combo and so far it has worked perfectly.

I mixed the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte and the L’Oreal True Match Lumi original and I have been obsessed with the combination, the way it looks on the skin, how well they mix, and how long they wear. All I do is take about one and a half pumps of the true match lumi and add one squeeze of the pro-matte right on top, mix with a flat brush and paint it all over my face. I then take the dampened Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and pounce it all over the face to blend the foundation.


My true hero however has been the Elf High Definition Powder. This baby has baked my nose, under-eye area, chin, and forehead every time I wear makeup. I found that using the baking method really helped the foundation stay in place and look flawless without looking cakey. (If you want a blog on the baking method let me know).

I realize that I mention a lot of L’Oreal products but I am in no way shape or form sponsored by them. I just found that out of all the drugstore brands, L’Oreal has been my favorite with the exception of the Maybelline Fit Me! in the original formula.



10 thoughts on “Current Foundation Obsession”

    1. It was pretty hard actually, I did some research and based my selection from there. I could’ve gotten a warm shade but was afraid it wouldn’t match, that’s why I decided to to with neutral and the shade I chose disappears into my skin.

        1. I do have a blog post on it. It was one of the first blogs so it’s not very detailed. I am working on making it better and will update it by tonight. Maybe it will help you.

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