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In this video I will show you my tips and tricks of false lashes. I know it can be intimidating when you’re first staring out but with lots of patience and practice you will be wearing falsies in no time!

Choosing the right pair of lashes is very important when you are first starting out. There are tons of lashes out there but I suggest you start off with a cheap pair from the drug store. My favorite false lashes come from Ardell, these will cost you no more than five dollars and they have plenty to choose from. My favorite ones are the Wispies but you can also opt for a more natural looking lash.


Lash glue is supper important because without it, your lashes will not stick to your eyeball. My favorite lash glue to use is the Revlon Precision lash adhesive because it is long wearing and waterproof so it will not budge and will stay all day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it at the drugstore anymore but you can find it on Amazon. The second option I have is the Duo eyelash glue, it’s not my favorite but it does its job.

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GOOD tweezers are a must have, without them it is really hard to get accurate and precise application especially when you are first starting out. Make sure you are using good quality tweezers that are sharp and not dull because this will allow you to squeeze your lashes and the false lashes together. I use the Tweezerman Slant Tweezwer


Grooming scissors you absolutely need in order to cut the lashes so that they can better fit your eye. You do not want to cut lashes with regular scissors because they won’t give you an accurate cut and they are just so big they might cut off more than you need to. The grooming scissors I use are the Trim Mustache/Beard…I know! but they work perfectly.


Like I said in the video, be patient, take your time, follow my tips and tricks and you will be rocking false lashes in no time!



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