Hello lovely people, In today’s blog post I will be talking about something that I have recently discovered and am currently testing out. Finding the perfect foundation shade for you.
I have struggled for years trying to find my foundation, long ago I did go to a MAC store to get colored matched, found the perfect shade and for some reason threw out the package (once empty) and forgot what shade I was. I went to the drugstore and was overwhelmed by the amount of shades that they offered and like any person would, I chose something that I thought was perfect and went about my life. Little did I know I was wrong! The foundation was way too pink and darker than my skin tone but I did make it work and no one (that I know of) judged me because of my foundation. Now that I am more into makeup and learning how things work, I came across some very helpful tips that have helped me with my foundation issue.

How does your skin react to the sun?

  • If you burn easy or can’t have sun exposure then you are Fair/Light
  • If you burn first then tan then your are Medium/Deep
  • If you tan easily and your skin loves the sun then you are Medium/Deep
  • If your skin has a natural brown hue to it then you are Deep/Dark

What is your undertone/ color of your skin?

For this you are going to want to step outside in the natural daylight and have someone there with you to help you out.

Take a look at the veins that run along the inner part of your wrist:

  • If they are green/olive then you have a warm or yellow undertone
  • If they are purple/blue then you have a cool or pink undertone
  • If they are blue/green then you have a neutral or peach undertone

How do you look in jewelry?

  • If your skill looks better in silver then you are coll
  • If your skin looks better in gold then you are warm
  • If you look good in both then you are neutral

What does your closet look like?

  • If your clothes are mostly red, orange, yellow, olives (earth tones) then you are warm
  • If your clothes are mostly blue, purple, teals, or jewel tones then you are cool

Color matching and MAC

Always do the opposite of what they tell you at a MAC counter if you are purchasing foundations from elsewhere.

  • If you are NW in MAC then you want to choose a cool shade
  • If you are NC in MAC then you want to choose a warm shade

In the picture above I have a couple foundations that have remained in my drawers for some reason or another and I haven’t thrown them out. Going from left to right I have Maybelline Fit Me in the shade 330 Toffee, Maybelline Fit Me in 310 Sun Beige, Maybelline Fit Me in 220 Natural Beige, Revlon Colorstay in 340 Early Tan, and L’oreal Lumi Cushion in N 3.5 Classic Buff. So as you can see all of these foundations have different undertones and well some are just not my shade. Going back to what I’ve learned I can pretty much rule out the shades that are the darkest and the shades that have the pink undertones which would be Maybelline in 330 Toffee (used for contour) and 310 Sun Beige, last Revlon in 340 Early tan. The shade that is closer to my tone is Maybelline 220 Natural Beige and the shade that almost disappears is my new foundation which is L’oreal in N3.5 Classic Buff.

All I can say about my skin tone is that it will burn first, then it will tan making me Light/Medium. My veins look blue/green (with more green than blue) which makes me Neutral or Warm. I rarely wear jewelry but the few times I have I have felt the same when wearing both therefore making me Neutral. It has been a long time since I have been colored matched, so I have no idea what they would say. My clothes are all earth tones (is what I feel I look best in) so I should be Warm. Given that my “results” are basically a tie between neutral and warm I am going to assume that I can wear both tones. I will go into my local Sephora, get color matched and see what they come up with and I will be sure to let you guys know. I hope these tips help you and good luck with your search. Let me know what is your foundation shade, undertone, and your sun reaction. “Till next time.