Now that baby Carter is here, I want to show you guys how we prepped a section of our master bedroom in to a temporary nursery while Carter’s actual nursery is being finished. Carter will be sleeping in our room until he can sleep through the night and hopefully by then his room will be done. It is no surprise that baby is sleeping on mommy’s side of the bed. Luckily we didn’t have to move any furniture because we have a bay like window area in our master that gives us more than enough room to fit everything we needed. I will be talking about our must have items while Carter sleeps in our room.

My nightstand was once a clean nightstand with only a lamp on it. Now, it houses, our Tommee Tippee bottle warmer, my Medela Pump, all of the diaper essentials I might need during a night time change, and baby’s bottles and formula. I love that I don’t have to get up and go to our kitchen to prepare a bottle because I have everything right next to me! Once I have pumped, my breastmilk will go in the cooler and I don’t have to worry about it going bad. We also have our Pack’n’play that is only serving us as a changing station for now (very exciting I know!!)

Let’s get on with the good stuff shall we?

Our temporary nursery is set up to where baby has two different areas to sleep in. He usually sleeps in his Rock’n’play or in the Dockatot. One thing I love about our Rock’n’play is that if Carter is having trouble sleeping after a feed, I just turn the automatic rocking feature and baby will get rocked to sleep without me doing all the work. I also love that I can keep him so close without having to co-sleep all of the time.

Now, let me talk about the Dockatot. I seriously cannot believe how amazing this thing is. Now that Carter has put on a few pounds and can fit perfectly snug in the Dockatot my life has changed for the better. I always hated that I had to move the Rock’n’play everywhere I went and always have it plugged in (it’s not a lot of work, I’m just lazy) With the Dockatot I don’t have to do any moving of cords, or anything else! And that is why I love it. I will put Carter in the Dockatot when I need to fold laundry, clean the room, or if I just want him closer to me at night time. Baby is able to co-sleep with us without me having to worry about SIDS or accidentally rolling over him. I definitely recommend the Dockatot to any parents that are planning to co-sleep because it is the safest place you can put your baby in.

Speaking of sleeping! I want to talk about swaddling. Parker was not a swaddler, he always broke out of his swaddle and ended up with his arms out. Carter loves being swaddled! The first few nights he slept in the DockaTot wrapped up in the Ollie World Swaddle. You guys, this swaddle is by far the easiest way to swaddle a baby. No dealing with blankets that fall apart, no zippers, no fuss, no mess! You just use the velcro to secure it around baby and you’re done! The bottom of the swaddle remains open for quick and easy diaper changes. Bonus because Carter hasn’t been able to break out of it.

Having a place where the boys can lay down together and spend some bonding time was very important to me. I didn’t want Parker to dislike his brother or think that baby was getting all the attention. This is the part where Lorena Canal and Finn+Emma come in. This Lorena Canal rug is amazing you guys, it is made from high quality natural materials, it is super soft and plush and the best part of all is that it is machine washable! This will eventually go in Carters room but I love that it adds a little bit of extra style to our boring room.

Our Finn+Emma play yard is organically made and eco friendly. I love that both boys can play with it. Parker loves laying down next to Carter and “show” him the different animals, Carter will eventually be able to see the animals and play with them as he grows.

Something that I didn’t have with Parker was some milestone cards. With him, I had to design some on the computer and upload them to my social media. These milestone cards from Milestone World are different than the typical ones you find at the store. Not only do they show the months as baby grows, they also show all the different milestones baby reaches. I am definitely looking forward to “Today I Smiled For The First Time” and “Today I Slept Through The Night”.

Life with two kids has been stressful and I have no idea how I will survive a trip to Target with both kids but this baby hammock form Binxy Baby will make my life easier. I will not have to walk in with a huge bulky carseat and have it take up all the room in the cart. I seriously can’t wait to try this puppy out!

I can’t wait for Carter’s nursery to be finished so that I can show you all along with Parker’s big boy room! Let me know what you did in your room when you first had your baby or did you put him/her in their nursery right away?



*This blog post was sponsored by DocATot, Lorena Canal Rugs, The Ollie World, Finn + Emma, Binxy Baby and Milestone baby but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover Feat. Baby Products”

  1. Definitely pinning this post for my one-day future baby time! I totally want to keep as much stuff as possible bedside so i’m not running around banging into counters in the middle of the night lol. love the way you set this stuff up and a pack and play is clearly a HUGE necessity! Even years ago, I knew that fancy model was going to have to be mine lol. so convenient!

    1. Thank you! and Yes! I love that I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. The pack’n’play is a must in my book when he grows out of the rock’n’play he will be sleeping in the pack’n’play for sure!!

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