Hey guys!! I’ve been totally MIA from blogging and social media but I’m back!!!! Last week, after my first ever meetup I wanted to take outfit pictures and write about the experience.ย When I got home, I had some lunch and decided to rest for a few minutes (the drive was exhausting) I finally decide to get up, get my shoes back on, and touch up my make-up. I was getting ready to set everything up, when I take a look out the windows the sky went completely dark and it started pouring!!! I didn’t get to take pictures of my outfit so the post was cancelled. I was pretty bummed and decided to relax the rest of the afternoon. That was a BIG mistake, see, I usually plan my posts on Sunday to make blogging life a little better, Monday came and I had no idea what to write about, I was brain dead. Let’s add on homework, house duties, and mom duties! I had no time to think about what to write. Today is a different day, I am prepared and have my schedule all set up ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to keep it real and say that I wrote this post (before pictures) ย in about 30 minutes because my house is a MESS!! I ย don’t clean during the weekends because ย I’m lazy when Andrew is home. Well, back to my SAHM duties, I hope you guys are having a better Monday instead of cleaning something that might look like this…..


LIVING ROOM BEFORE: Parker decided to “clean up” some of his toys before nap ๐Ÿ™‚living


That is pretty much what my house looks like every Monday, some days are worse than others. I try to stick to a routine and a certain area of the house every day in order to keep the house clean.




I didn’t have time to clean the office but that’s fine because I got to do everything else! Plus vacuum, dust, sweep, and mop oh! and a load of towels ๐Ÿ™‚

How was your week like? How is your house after the weekend? Do you have a cleaning routine?




2 thoughts on “Monday Routine/Mini Update”

  1. I use to have a cleaning routine and now I clean when I can get to it but I try to at least clean (sweep/vaccum/mop) each room once a week.

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