Hello lovely people. Last week I shared with you my night time skin care routine. Today I will be sharing what should be my morning routine but I shamelessly probably only do on weekends. Please, don’t be me, take care of your skin and follow a proper routine.

For starters, being a mommy and getting some sleep is my top priority. With that being said, I wake up as late as I can (7:15 am) before the little man wakes up which is 7:30 am. I get up, and immediately start making his breakfast, feed the dogs, and pick out his outfit.

In reality I should wake up at 7 am, go to the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, maybe get out of my pj’s (which consist of Andrew’s shirts) and then do the routine mentioned above. Well, I’m really bad at it and I can never keep up with a routine…sad but true. Why does it take FOREVER to get used to a new routine?

Anyways, when I do have time to do my morning routine (maybe now that Parker is in gymnastics (post coming soon) I will do a better job at it). I washed my face the night before, I don’t need to go in with my “heavy duty” cleansers. That saves my skin from being over exfoliated and using too many products.

Right now, I’m using the Cera-Ve Hydrating Cleanser. The thing I like the most about this product is that is somewhat gentle on my face. I don’t know if it’s normal for the product to tingle, specially around my nose area but I feel like that’s the product working and clearing the impurities. This product feels like you’re washing your face with water but that’s the point. You don’t want to go in with a heavy cleanser in the morning specially if you used one the night before. You will only be over exfoliating and damaging the skin.DSCN1146

After my face has been washed, I will use my L’Oreal Toner and the Cera-Ve moisturizing lotion. I talk about these products in my previous post (here)DSCN1148


This would be an ideal routine for me to do every day. Unfortunately, I only do this a few days out of the week. Hopefully someday I will wake up earlier and have time to follow this routine…for now, I will catch up on my zzz’s.


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