I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s, I know I did. It was pretty cloudy and windy, so our plans for going out to the pool were postponed. We went out for lunch and spent the day at target (buying all things baby) of course but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, it would have been nice to get my hair done (lord knows I need it) or go on a shopping spree but right now we don’t really have the budget to do so. I mean, we probably do but there are more important things to spend that money on and I would have missed my little man way too much. Maybe some day I will be able to go out and buy all things, but for now I’m happy where I am at with my two boys and a roof over our head.

For Mother’s day I went with a practical outfit, something I felt comfortable in and I could run around in. The shirt I picked up from Target (here) Jeans are form American Eagle (here) Shoes are oldies, from a store I used to work for but I found some cuter ones (here) Bag is from Michael Kors (updated version) Bracelet is James Avery.





First time I’ve pictures like this for the blog. We need a bit more practice but hey! they didn’t turn out too bad for being newbies at this. Fist let me show you this gorgeous and perfect face, then well get on with the bloopers.





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