Hey guys!!! Happy Friday! Today, I am giving you guys a quick glimpse into my house and what I’m (were) doing to make it our own.

I am so used to being in the apartment that I want to keep every room close and live as if we were still in the apartment. Now that out second child is coming, we really need to step out of that zone and grow into our home. We are starting with Parker’s room which I will update in a different blog.

If you have ever been pregnant or will become pregnant, there is one little thing that might turn your world upside down and maybe your house too and that will be NESTING! I went through nesting with Parker and I turned the apartment upside down and “organized” everything we had. This time around, I have already organized our kitchen and our junk drawers and I must say that they turned out way better than planned (if you want a tour leave a comment).

Yesterday and today I was obsessing over turning the one room in front of the house into an “office”/playroom because I was tired of all the toys in the living room. I will eventually have the playroom upstairs once the kids can go up and down the stairs with no problems but for now I needed something downstairs. Since I am in school, I need a spot to sit and work on homework or even work on the blog and I already have that little corner all set up. The next step was to get Parker’s toys in the room, set up the baby gate, have some type of storage, and set up the TV. Today, we went to Target and got almost everything we needed to set it all up.

Here is a beforeDSCN1072

Here is the after


Desk | Laptop Stand | Storage is from Target| Vanity Bench was a gift | Mirror Homegoods


I love having all his toys in the bins and in the Cube Storage and Bookcase to keep them at least a little bit organized and out of the way when needed.


I am content with how it looks like for now but I will eventually add a couch or a chair for when the new baby comes and I need to feed him/her. The curtains, wall color and carpet will eventually change too but it all works for now. I just need to teach the little man that my area is not his area and he can’t touch mommy’s things (wish me luck). I hope you guys find some inspiration from this specially if you have little ones and need a place to work while they play. That’s all for today folks, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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