Let’s talk about skin care…I will admit my skin care routine could use a little more routine but I still want to talk about the products I use and how they are working or not working. I will start by preaching what I should be practicing but don’t. You must wash your face before you go to sleep and also wash every morning.

Having a morning and night skin care routine is really important as it will clean your face from impurities, dirt and bacteria that has been accumulated through out the day. Washing your face in the morning will clean off the extra dead skin, plus, it will leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

My skin has been out of wack since the beginning of the year. I started the year with dry flaky skin then my T-zone became oily. I developed some texture under my eyes around March and to this day I still don’t know what it is. I went to Ulta and asked the skin care specialist and she simply said my under eye area is dehydrated which made sense because I suck at drinking water. I started to drink “more” water but it’s not working, so until I can afford to go to a fancy skin care specialist I will have to deal with it and get over it. Sometimes I almost think it’s just clogged pores where my dryness and oilyness meet but who knows.

Lets begin with my night time routine, I wear makeup maybe three days out of the week. For the days that I don’t wear makeup, I will skip the Purity cleanser and start my routine with the Biore cleanser.

I start off with the Purity by Philosophy cleanser. I wet my face and with the palm of my hands I remove all of my make up. DSCN1149

I then use the Bioré Pore unclogging Scrub with my Olay Cleansing System and focus the product on my nose, chin, center of forehead and cheekbones. I LOVE this product, it has helped me clear off any black and white heads as well as exfoliate my skin which is great. I feel like the brush really helps the product get deep into my skin, it feels so much better as opposed to using only the palm of my hands.DSCN1152.JPG

Once that’s done, I use the L’Oréal Hydra Fresh Toner which softens the skin, adds hydration, and makes the skin look smoother and brighter. I haven’t noticed a difference on my skin with this product but it feels refreshing and cool which I enjoy.DSCN1148.JPG

Lastly, I use the Cera Ve moisturizing lotion because if I don’t, my skin will feel tight and dry. I use a little more product under my eyes where the texture is just in case I need extra hydration. What I like about this product is that it absorbs quickly and it doesn’t feel oily.DSCN1145

That’s all folks, check back in tomorrow for my morning skin care routine. What is your skin type? What products are you using? What are your skin problems or troubles? Lets chat and help each other solve our skin problems.



3 thoughts on “Night Time Skin Care Routine”

  1. Hi Jasmin!
    Have you used a moisturizer specifically for your eye? That may help hydrate the area and it will be gentle enough to use on the skin around your eyes compared to using face moisturizer. I’ve been using yes to blueberries eye firming treatment. So far I like it, but I only use it at night.

    1. Hi Patty!
      I am so sorry I am just now replying. I’ve done some research but it’s kind of hard to find something when I have no clue of what it is. I’ve tried the “Yes” to brand but the scent was too much for me. Still on the hunt….thank you so much for the recommendation

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