DSCN1179I can’t believe I am pregnant for the second time and that Parker will have a little brother or sister! OMG! It feels so good to finally let the secret out. We were trying to hide this pregnancy for a few weeks now because of first trimester scares. I really don’t know how well I hid it because compared to my first pregnancy, this bump is already there.

I am really excited for Parker to have a sibling that he can run around and play with. I am REALLY hoping for a girl but considering that all of Andrew’s siblings have boys, this peanut might also be a boy. I can only pray that peanut is healthy and developing well no matter what he or she is.

I did a HORRIBLE job at keeping up with pregnancy updates when I was pregnant with Parker. Now that I have started to blog, I need to put content out there and pregnancy updates are a MUST! I will try to include things that I remember from my first pregnancy so that I can have some comparisons on record. We are very excited about the new addition to the family and can’t wait to see Parker’s reaction when he sees my belly growing and when he meets the baby for the first time. Hope you guys follow along with us during this journey because it’s probably going to be my last pregnancy regardless of the baby’s gender (really want a girl)


Stay tuned for more pregnancy related posts!



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