My first blogger meet-up is coming up and I have no idea what to wear! I don’t want to go out in search for a new outfit because even if I find outfit inspo, I already know how that’s going to play out. There are only three possible outcomes #2 is the most accurate.

1) I get to the store, I look around, find nothing, move one to the next store.

2) I find something cute, go in to try it on, I hate it or it doesn’t fit (no surprise there).

3) I find something that’s cute, it fits, I want to pay..aannnddd its expensive.

I could go out and buy something but I would feel guilty spending money that I know we could use for something around the house or pay bills. I will probably end up buying something LAST minute but for now, here are some inspo outfits.


This first outfit I’m not too impressed with and most likely will be ruled out. I just feel like it’s too plain, nothing special and short skirts are intimidating to me.


This romper is so cute and I’ve only worn it once! This was the outfit I immediately thought about wearing. Only problem is, I don’t know what shoes to wear!


Lastly, I have something that might be able to fit into the budget and won’t make me feel guilty considering the pieces are from Forever 21. A midi pencil skirt with a blouse tucked in. Effortless but cute?

Let me know what outfit you guys like!


One thought on “Outfit Options For My First Blogger Meetup”

  1. I’m still loving the romper and think the beige/gray peep toe booties would work perfectly for the meet up and than wear the romper with those purple heels for a date night with your boyfriend.

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