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Sorry  I have been MIA for what feels like forever. Trying to adjust to life with two kids, school, and house work is freaking hard! I am still struggling to better manage my time and get my s**t together. I can’t wake up at 6 am like I used to because I am so exhausted but that is not the point. Today, I want to share my toddlers “big boy” room!!! I’ve been getting a lot of requests on it so here it is finally.

The room is not completely finished but this is as good as it’s gonna get for now.

The theme for Parker’s room is woodland and nature. Everything flows and the theme is carried all throughout the room. I will not take credit for Parker’s room because well, my mother-in-law was the one who came in and got the room done for us. I have no idea how this room would have come together had I done it all by my self.

When you first walk into the room this is what you will see. I just love that this area is the focal point in the room and it is so simple. His bed is from Ikea and it is adjustable, we have it fully extended (twin size) because of his mattress. The big bump that you see is an inflatable bed rail that goes under his bed sheets (you can’t use a traditional bed rail).  His Teepee is absolutely perfect for his room. The colors, the pattern, everything about it just pulls the room together and he obviously loves it!

On the side where his hamper is in we have an “I’ll be in my teepee” wall art from Hobby Lobby and a little coat rack.

How cute is this comforter set? I love the fun colors, its perfect for a toddler. Parker loves to point out the different images and makes the sounds for the animals. HAPPY pillow, stuffed bear, stuffed fox, puppy pillowlovie. His bed sheets are white with lots of navy stars (not pictured)

Above his bed is this plank art that goes perfectly with his theme.

Next to his bed we have the Kallax unit from Ikea that holds some of his books, diapers/diapering needs, his lamp (similar) and most importantly his sound machine.

Right above his “night stand” are these two frames “Seek Adventure” and “Move Mountains” that are absolutely adorable and the Arlo security camera that we use as a monitor.

Y’all, these curtains are the cutest, they are blackout and the stars just perfect. Fun fact, the curtains were too short when we first got them but my mother-in-law took them home and worked some magic on them and made them longer.

Last but not least we have the wall opposite form his teepee. We have his grow chart ruler that we need to start working on. This part of the room is not quite finished yet but it will do for now. I really wanted to have his name in his room for a more personal touch and these letters were absolutely perfect. (Star Globe Light, Kallax, Metal letters, Picture ledge)

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our home and into our first completed room in the house. We are working on the nursery and we hope to have it done before baby turns one. If there is anything you guys have a question on please leave me a comment down bellow or shoot me an email. I am so grateful that my in-laws took the time to come and help us from the paint to the very last piece of the decor. The room turned out better than I expected and I couldn’t have done it without their help. My mother-in-law and I are still going back and forth with other home decoration ideas and I can’t wait to see the progress of turning our house into a home.


3 thoughts on “Parker’s Big Boy Room Reveal”

  1. Jasmin! This room is perfection. I love the theme. Little boy rooms are so much fun to decorate. I’m almost ready to put my oldest in a big boy bed, but it’s so hard seeing him grow up like that! I’m holding out as long as I can! Haha

    1. I know exactly what you mean. We moved him before his second birthday and it was hardest on me but it was for the best. He sleeps better and he’s really good with staying in his bed…don’t worry mamma, you will know when it’s time and it’s only hard the first few days.

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