Happy Tuesday! Today I want to talk about our future plans for Parker’s nursery. This whole nursery planing thing is bitter-sweet and I almost don’t want to take on this project. My baby boy has been sleeping in our room his entire life, thankfully he sleeps in his crib and doesn’t wake up during the night. We recently moved into a house that has the master bedroom downstairs and 3 bedrooms upstairs. The problem with this is that my baby’s future room feels so far away and I don’t know if I will have the strength to move him up there. I know it has to get done because it will only get harder if we try to move him later on when he is older. Here are the plans I currently have, I hope we can get him all settled sometime in the future…maybe by June or July???

Starting off with the layout. The room has a big window, which I love because it brings in lots of natural lighting. Parker’s crib will be on the wall furthest from the door, simply because I want that wall to be the main focus. Right as you enter the room, the closet is to the left and that spot is where I would like my glider to be. The wall across the window I want to make his dresser/changing table wall.


Here is another angle of how I would like things to be placed (the rug is just for “show”)


We think the walls will be very a very light blue. Andrew’s mom was sweet enough to make the bedding and I am still loving it. She also made the mobile

For the “crib” wall I want his initials above the crib. I think that would add a little personal touch and is perfect for a budget friendly room makeover. I found these wall decals at an Etsy store and they range from 25$ to 30$ which isn’t bad at all. I narrowed it down to three because I just can’t make up my mind. I think the white or navy…I will have to chose the color depending on what we paint the nursery walls with.

above crib

Moving on to the “dresser/changing table” wall. I would like to keep it simple by adding some shelves and cute little nick-nacks. Keeping it clean and simple. I think my favorite one would be the second one (⇓⇓⇓) It would look nice with pops of orange, teal and grey.changing table wall

Lastly, the wall where my glider will be. I want to make this an accent wall with picture frames and pops of color to make it a cute little corner. I want to add pictures of Parker as a new born, ultrasound pictures, family pictures, quotes, a mirror, and his birth announcement canvas.

accent wall

It might look a little something like this.nursery

So far, that’s the plan. It might change in a day or two, depending on what Andrew thinks or if his mom has any new ideas (I’d like to have her on my side). She made the bedding, the mobile and got us the birth announcement canvas, I think she might have an idea on how to put this room together. Hopefully it all goes well and it’s all a smooth transition. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


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