Hey guys, LONG time no chat! I want to apologize for my absence but being a newbie at this I have no idea what to write about. This week I hope to bring you a weeks full of posts…HOPEFULLY! I have forth of July posts, updates on my second bloggers meeting along with what I wore that day.

One of my first posts was about how I was planning to decorate Parker’s nursery. Well, most of those Ideas are now out the window. Parker is no longer a baby (HATE to admit it), hes a toddler now and needs a big boy’s room instead of a baby nursery.  I’ve been all over Pinterest, Google, Instagram and all over the place for inspo but I wasn’t a fan of anything other than the “tribal”, forest, camp themes.

While doing research, I saw that Target had their new or not so new (Idk) Pillowfort collection and I LOVED everything that was in the collection. If I had no control over my brain, I am sure I would be buying all things from that collection in a heartbeat and Parker’s room would be complete just like that (I would like to imagine). Unfortunately, that’s not the case and I have to get creative and keep the budget in mind because we are not rich. We have a house payment, and a car note, along with all other bills. I can’t just all willy nilly give my money to Target and to be honest, Target gets EXPENSIVE real quick


d08876525f80e1d575c6883cf0c4b0c4Pillowfort Inspo Bedding                                                               Pillowfort Collection

Andrew’s parents were kind enough to come and paint the room for us. It’s still not completely finished but this is what they have done so far…Primed all walls, got rid of the wonderful art on the wall (sarcastic) the previous owners left behind, and added a coat of paint to the room. We decided to go with Light French Gray for all of the walls, now we just need to paint white the wall that has the window, the closet and we should be ready for decorating!

Here are some before and afters of the paint…I am still gathering my thoughts over the colors, design, bedding and all the fun stuff. Will be back soon with another update once I have a better picture of how I want this room to look like.





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