Hello there beautiful people!! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. We are watching some football and taking a break from the potty training (little man is napping) Today’s post if you haven’t guessed already, has to do with potty training and what we have been through these few days.

I want to start off by saying that I only decided to potty train when Parker started to fight his way out of diaper changes. He would kick, scream, cry, and would run away half naked most of the time. Being pregnant, I couldn’t risk a kick to the stomach and to be honest I felt so guilty for putting the little man through such torture. I started to so some research and just getting an idea on how I was going to tackle the whole potty training thing.  As I did my research I found that many kids are ready to potty train when they no longer like being changed, throw fits, and diaper changes becomes a battle. I also noticed that Parker would wake up dry from nap time and sometimes he would be almost dry in the mornings. He also made it very obvious when he had to go number 2, he would stay very still and grunt or hide behind the couch as if wanting privacy. These signs filled my head and I decided it was time! (check out this link for more signs)

Starting Friday, Parker will go from diapers to pull-ups and will sit in the potty every 20 minutes. My mother in law gave us a little potty as well as a big potty insert, I decided to leave the small potty out so that Parker would see it, sit on it and become used to it eventually leading him to use it. He didn’t seem to want to sit on it or think of it as a potty and maybe it was because he would see mommy and daddy go potty on the big potty. I must admit that him not being interested in the little potty felt so good! I din’t have to clean it out, it was less work for me! I decided to place the insert on the big potty and we would practice sitting on it.  At first he refused to sit on it for long and maybe it was because the big potty is higher and his feet don’t touch the ground so he felt insecure. I decided to come up with some type of “game” if you will. I would sit him in the potty and we would count to five and I would give him an m&m as a reward. We kept doing this for two days until he finally sat for longer periods of time and no longer cared for the m&m’s.



Monday morning, we started off with sitting in the potty every 20 minutes for 5-10 minutes and plenty accidents on the pull-ups. I didn’t expect him to get it right away, we were just practicing and letting him get used to the whole routine. After the first three or four days, I personally felt that the pull-ups were not working and he was just not getting it. It was pointless going to the potty every 20 minutes with no  improvements. The pull-up is just a diaper only more expensive and it has an indicator that tells you if the child is wet or not.  Day 5,6 and 7 were a little better, Parker had a light bulb moment where he decided he no longer wanted to poop in his pull-up and he ran to the bathroom door. When I pulled down the pull-up he was so scared to sit on the potty and ended up pooping on the floor. I didn’t get mad or yelled at him, I just told him very softy while making funny faces that poopy on the floor was yucky and that it went in the potty.  I picked up his poop with a wipe and dropped it in the toilet, I then “celebrated” the fact that the pooppy was in the potty and it was time to say bye-bye to it and flush it. He had a kick out of flushing the toilet and saying bye to his poop. This happened three or four times and were still working on it but it has felt so great not having to change a kicking screaming child

Week one came to an end and I was not happy with the whole pull-up idea so, I decided to do some more research and found that underwear would be a better way to go. I found a lot of articles of potty training in 3 days and thought it was too good to be true but I was going to give it a go since I have nothing to loose and he’s already sitting on the potty, I can’t just quit!  Honestly, the 3 day potty training thing I don’t buy it but most of what these mommy’s say makes sense so why not try it. So, Friday, October 1st was Parker’s last time wearing diapers (other than nap and night time)imag17641

Here is list of articles I read about 3 day potty training.


Tune in next week for another potty training update. There are so many things going on   around the house, getting ready for baby #2, trying to catch up with school, and just life. The days go by so fast I just can’t seem to keep up!!! I have so many blog post ideas lined up I just need the time to get them done. Follow me on all my social media as I post more often there than on the blog! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!



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